Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging technology is used to check electrical connections in circuit breakers, transfer switches and switchgear in electrical emergency generators to check for hot spots in the circuitry. Detecting and correcting these “hidden” problems will reduce the risk of component degradation caused by overloaded circuits or loose connections. Thermal imaging can increase reliability and efficiency of your equipment, resulting in reduced failures and breakdowns.

Power Quality Analysis

Power Quality Analysis is used to monitor and record building load, voltage and frequency trending. The resulting logs and other key parameters are combined to generate a comprehensive report detailing issues and/or varying characteristics in an electrical system from both the utility as well as from the generator perspectives. The recorded data can be used to create a historical timeline (days-weeks) that can be used to correctly size a generator or UPS.

Closed Crankcase Ventilation Filter System

These systems help to keep engine compartments and components clean, protect the engine intake and air filters, as well as improve the generators’ reliability and efficiency. In some applications, installation of a closed crankcase ventilation filter system is required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For more information, please contact our service department professionals at (952) 960-2371.

mobile products & rentals

PCP has a reliable and durable mobile rental fleet from 20kW to 2MW that is located throughout our territory in order to support your needs. Our mobile units will keep your site operational during power outages, generator repairs or staging for your next event regardless of the type of weather. Our mobile systems are easy to utilize for any application. Contact Us

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